My Development Plan

SMSgt Aaron Rainer
Human Resource Advisor

SMSgt Aaron Rainer Human Resource Advisor

164AW Memphis, TN -- My Development Plan (MyDP)

Now, enlisted career development information is all just a click away through the AF Portal. The Active Duty Force Development Office designed this technology tool for the entire enlisted corps. My Development Plan, or MyDP, is the Air Force cradle-to-grave career developmental tool. Airmen can use the features to increase their knowledge on every aspect of career development. While some features, for example promotion testing, are only applicable to active duty members, the majority of the site applies to the entire enlisted corps. Who doesn't need to know about the Enlisted Force Structure (AFI 36-2618) or Professional Military Education (PME)?

MyDP provides links to appropriate AFIs and ANGIs, short course descriptions (i.e. Airman Leadership School (ALS), suggested reading and links to other valuable AF sites.

My Development Plan (MyDP) is designed to be your "roadmap" to aid in your continued professional development. By no means does the this guarantee success; it is only a suggested path based on previous experiences of your fellow enlisted members. Use the MyDP as a benchmark to aid you in your continued professional development.

The MyDP site is broken down into three separate menus (Education & Training, Job Experience, and Leadership) at the left. To get started you must first create a new account on the site, after that you're ready to go. Follow the information below to access the MyDP site.

How to access MyDP
1. Open AF Portal home page https://www.my.af.mil
2. Find Featured Links, Top Viewed: Career
3. Click on MyDP (Enlisted Development Plan)

How to create a MyDP account
This page will only appear the first time you enter MyDP. Follow the steps for creating a new account. If you have previously created an account, you will be directed to your DP information.

How to Navigate in MyDP
Right Menu: Displays four items:
1-Alerts: notices of pending journal items
2-My Development plan Tools: Enlisted Career Path, My EPR Bullet Tracker, MyEDP Summary and eRecords.
3-My Account: Profile, My Journal and Goals, My Folder, My Links, and Mentor NetworK

To improve your chances of reaching your career goals and having a more successful Air Force career, I encourage each of you to take the time to create a Development Plan. If you have questions about creating a MyDP account, please contact me.
SMSgt Aaron Rainer
Human Resource Advisor
164th Airlift Wing

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