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Authorized Winter Clothing

  • Published
  • By SMSgt Paul D. Roberson
  • First Sergeant 164 AW/155 AS
As cooler weather approaches, I want to remind everyone what is authorized
to wear/not wear while in uniform.

Knit/sage green fleece hats - knit hats are to be blue or black only. Fleece
hats are green.

Knit/ sage green fleece hats - Cannot be worn without a coat/jacket
outdoors. Never worn indoors.

Sage Green Fleece - Must have Name/Rank/Service Designator Tapes if worn as
a jacket.

Sage Green Fleece - Can be worn as a APECS jacket liner without
Name/Rank/Service Designator Tapes.

Black Fleece Jacket - No longer authorized to wear while in uniform.

BDU Gore-Tex/Field Jacket - Cannot be worn with ABU uniform.

Scarf - Must be black and worn tucked in with outer garment.

Gloves/Mittens - With outer garments only. EXCEPTION: May wear with BDU/ABU
without outer garments; leather, knitted, tricot or suede, or a combination
of leather, knitted, tricot, and suede.

Earmuffs - Black in color with coat/jacket outdoors.

I hope this helps clarify what each member should wear while in uniform.

SMSgt Paul D. Roberson
First Sergeant 164 AW/155 AS