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Boot Camp Workout

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman George Thomas
  • 164th AW Public Affairs
Boot camp, a word synonymous with running, pushups, sit-ups and screaming military training instructors (drill sergeants), has made its way to 164th Airlift Wing here in Memphis, TN.

This boot camp still has plenty of pushups, sit-ups, jumping-jacks and running, but the screaming MTIs have been replaced with words of encouragement from Master Sergeant Nicholle Brown, Acting/Entitlements Tech for the 164th Airlift Wing, who leads these boot camp workouts in hopes of raising the overall physical fitness level of the base. Members of the 164th AW meet every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 3:30 till 4:30 P.M. in the dining hall on base and participate in a circuit training workout in order to stay physically fit, as well as improve their Physical Training (PT) test scores.

" For me, boot camp is hard work but it's also fun and exciting. I enjoy seeing everybody working hard to accomplish the same to fight," said Technical Sergeant Nakita S. Spencer, Command Post Controller for the 164th AW.

This goal of staying "fit to fight" has been an important goal to all Air Force members, especially now that the new physical fitness standards are in place. And group training such as the boot camp workout can go a long way in ensuring that members maintain their year-round physical fitness. Others see it as another form of exercising to complement existing workouts.

"I participate in the Boot Camp because I'm always seeking new physical challenges. Aerobic and Circuit type training is a great complement to my vigorous weight training. What it does is create the balance that's necessary to reach my goal of a healthy interior wrapped inside a hard exterior," said Senior Airman Eric Brownlee, a member of the 164th Military Personnel Flight.

So whether someone wants to add to their already established workout, or is looking for a jumpstart in the right direction to get ready for yearly PT evaluations, this boot camp workout program will definitely work, as a great work-out.