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2010 Tennessee National Guard TAG Match

  • Published
  • By SrA George Thomas
  • 164AW
At a distance of 400 yards, the nearly three foot tall M9 silhouette target is totally engulfed by the front sight of the Airman' s M16 rifle. Every breath causes the sights to move in front of the target in a figure-eight pattern. The 100 degree heat causes sweat to drip into the already strained and squinting eyes that peer down range through the open sights at the target. A raised flag to the left of the targets alerts the shooter that a wind is moving across the range. Calculations and corrections rush through a mind that is already focusing on topics like sight picture, target alignment, natural point of aim, breath control, trigger control and trigger squeeze. The rest of the world turns blurry as the front sight comes into focus, resting exactly where the shooter wants it to be. The shooter holds his breath, squeezes the trigger, and sends the round towards the target with a sharp bang.

Members from 164th Airlift Wing, along with other Tennessee Air National Guard members from Knoxville, Nashville, and other guard bases met with Army National Guard members on June 12th and 13th to participate in the Tennessee National Guard 2010 Tennessee Adjutant General (TAG) match held at Arnold Air Force Base in Tullahoma, TN. The two-day match pitted guardsmen in a shooting competition that tested their marksmanship skills with a standard M16 rifle at ranges from 400 to 25 yards, as well as the M9 military sidearm.
The men and women who participated in this weekend event endured high temperatures and humidity, as well as long travel so that they could practice their skills, and enjoy a friendly competition.

Veteran shooters spent the first hours of Saturday holding a basic marksmanship clinic for the novice shooters, focusing on subjects such as range safety, target and sight alignment, as well as the various stances and styles of shooting. At the end of the weekend, awards for team and individual shooters were handed out.