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  • Wingman

    The busy world we live in today can be both emotionally and physically challenging. Trying to balance the everyday challenge of work, home and personal affairs can sometimes leave you spinning in a whirlwind of stress. Stress is something that we all experience. Whether we are dealing with a family crisis, work demands, new job, loosing a job,
  • The Air Force Structure

    The Air Force StructureThe Air Force Enlisted Force Structure is defined in AFI 36-2618 and establishes leadership and development levels and responsibilities. Additionally, this instruction includes the Air Force institutional competencies which serve as the common language for force development. Despite the natural differences found across
  • Core Values

    The Air Force Core ValuesIntegrity First*****Service Before Self***** Excellence In All We Do.How many times have you heard the Air Force Core Values? Many of us know them so well that we can recite them on a whim. However, it's one thing to be able to recite the Air Force Core Values and something totally different to live out the true meaning.
  • My Development Plan

    My Development Plan (MyDP)Now, enlisted career development information is all just a click away through the AF Portal. The Active Duty Force Development Office designed this technology tool for the entire enlisted corps. My Development Plan, or MyDP, is the Air Force cradle-to-grave career developmental tool. Airmen can use the features to increase
  • Diversity Training

    Diversity training is not a new concept, but one that many organizations have implemented into their training programs for quite a while. The idea is that when employees are exposed to a variety of different cultures, socioeconomic backgrounds and people with various personalities, conflict may occur. Diversity training is designed to assist people
  • Mentoring

    When many of us started our military careers, we were very young and inexperienced yet eager to do a good job. We were willing to invest the time in learning more about the Air Force and looking forward to increased responsibility and promotion. It was not easy achieving our career goals. But when we look back years later and see the progress we've
  • Meet your 164th Airlift Wing Human Resource Advisor

    I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I am SMSgt Aaron Rainer and I am your 164th AIRLIFT WING Human Resource Advisor (HRA). My primary role as Human Resource Advisor is to promote our Wing's most valuable resource... YOU! I am here to help you maximize your potential for success. The 164th Airlift Wing and the Air National Guard
  • Feb 2010 Education Records

    Guard Members,The US Air Force is more highly trained and formally educated than ever before. Many of our guard members have gone above and beyond the minimum skills and professional military educational requirements of the AirForce. They have worked tirelessly to expand their knowledge and obtain other formal education degrees outside of the