Diversity Training

SMSgt Aaron Rainer
Human Resource Advisor

SMSgt Aaron Rainer Human Resource Advisor

164AW Memphis, TN -- Diversity training is not a new concept, but one that many organizations have implemented into their training programs for quite a while. The idea is that when employees are exposed to a variety of different cultures, socioeconomic backgrounds and people with various personalities, conflict may occur. Diversity training is designed to assist people in dealing with these various situations in an effort to mitigate disruptions in the workplace.

Diversity training has been utilized in the workplace for quite some time, but often under different names such as:
· Race Relations Training
· Cross-Cultural Training
· Multicultural Education

Diversity extends far beyond race relations in the workplace. It is not only the acceptances and promotion of minorities but also includes the acceptance of women, the handicapped, individuals with different religious preferences, aging individuals, etc in the workplace.

Complaints still occur occasionally even with diversity training. Examples include: older employees feeling as though things worked better in the past and minority and Caucasian males/females concerns about being overlooked for promotions. In addition, individuals feeling that the sexual harassment laws make the workplace very tense.
Diversity, when properly managed, ensures that the strengths and talents of each member contribute to the overall success of the organization by utilizing the multiplicity of personalities, multicultural backgrounds and genders etc in the workplace.

All members of our organization deserve at minimum the same opportunity to succeed and to become the very best Airmen possible. The goal must be to foster an environment in our workplace that ensure that we get the very best from each and every member and to leverage their strengths and talents to efficiently and effectively accomplish the mission of our organization.

To create such an environment, diversity training is provided to bring about awareness of the diversity of our members, to promote an attitude of acceptance and ultimately to bring about a change in behavior regarding others that may be different from us.
Diversity training helps us to understand that although we might be different, we still have many similarities and common goals. We all strive to maintain our highest state of military readiness and to accomplish the mission of the Wing.

SMSgt Aaron Rainer
164th Airlift Wing
Memphis, TN 38118